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Man with SPI SeedsVictoria fled the Ukraine with her two children and now grapples with her 4 year old son’s realization that they are “going to the place with no bombs” but are “having to leave his dad behind.” Over 1.7 million people, mostly women and children, are struggling with a similar realization as they enter Poland seeking safety and refuge. Millions more are projected to follow in the coming weeks. This unprecedented rapid migration is stressing food supplies and creating shortages all over Poland. Vegetables are often more difficult to obtain. Seed Programs International is partnering with churches, schools, and other grassroots organizations in Poland to create home and community vegetable gardens to boost the food supply for Ukrainian refugees and the families and communities that have graciously brought them into their home. Planting gardens within these communities not only addresses food supply issues but can alleviate distress, promote resiliency, and increase place connection for displaced refugees in a time of extreme duress. Research has shown that gardening can reduce depression, anxiety, and build a sense of community. As the frosts subside, the Spring planting season is just around the corner in May. Your donation helps fund seed access and community education programs that will support vegetable production and healing for families and communities.

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Seed Programs International (SPI)

Seed Programs InternationalSeed Programs International (SPI) is a non-profit, tax exempt, non-governmental humanitarian organization.

We work thorough other humanitarian organizations, church groups, service clubs and individual donors, to provide quality seed to impoverished communities in developing countries enabling them to grow some of their own food. In addition to seed, SPI provides critical seed expertise and experience operating seed based self help programs.”

SPI is operated by individuals with over 50 years seed industry experience plus over 20 years experience in vegetable research and production. We also have 15 years experience operating programs that have successfully shipped seed to over 70 countries on five continents. SPI has shipped enough seed to plant over 1,000,000 vegetable gardens, providing more than 20 kinds of vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals often missing in people’s diets.